Ebi Ama
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Western Name: Ebi Ama
Eastern Name: 甘恵美
Kana Pronunciation: アマエビ

Gender: Female
Age: 17

Release Date: May 4, 2014
Group/Team: SushiYeah!

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Voiced by: Untramen
Managed by: Untramen

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Character Details



The sweet idol of the local sushi shop! Working at her uncle's sushiya, she greets you with a smile. A talented hostess, she's willing to sing a song for her guests.

Age: 17
Likes: shrimp, RPGs, good food, singing enka, Katsura-kun
Dislikes: loud noises, difficult things, litter
A somewhat eccentric and spacey girl who lives in her own little world. She works at her uncle’s shushiya.
She has a pet tiger shrimp named Scampy who lives in the tank displayed at the sushiya.
She’s commonly seen around with her childhood friend, Katsura-kun to the point that people often mistake them as lovers.
She goes at her own pace and switches quickly from one hobby to another, and tends to be highly non-committal for things.

Somewhat shilly-shally in that regard.
She doesn’t always realize the feelings people have for her, and she’s known to be quite dense.


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