Doctor Vertigo
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Image by NemyZilla

Western Name: Doctor Vertigo V. Marchesini
Eastern Name: ドクタ ベルティゴ
Kana Pronunciation: どくた べるてぃご

Gender: Non-Binary
Age: In his 20s

Release Date: April 7, 2020

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Technical Details

Voiced by: NemyZilla
Managed by: NemyZilla

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Voicebank Distribution


-Technical details-

Type: Japanese CV
Input: Romaji and hiragana
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Recommended resamplers: TIPS, Moresampler
Recommended flags: H15Y0F0B0c99e
Range: C#3-F#4
Files: 154
Voices: 306
Artworks folder included
6 breath samples

Doctor Vertigo ITA:
NOTE: This voicebank has also been ported to the DeepVocal engine.

-Technical details-

Type: Italian CVVC made using Makku's reclist
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Recommended resampler: TIPS
Recommended flags: H10Y0F0B0c99e
Oto.ini and audio cleaning: PixPrucer
Range: D3-G4
Files: 395
Voices: 1149
Artworks folder included
10 breath samples

Doctor Vertigo ENG:

-Technical details-

Type: English VCCV made using PaintedCZ's reclist
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Recommended resamplers: Resampler.dll, Moresampler and TIPS
Recommended flags: H10Y0F0B0c99e
Oto.ini: General Nuisance
Audio cleaning: PixP
Range: C3-G4
Files: 1078
Voices: 3453
Artworks folder included
10 breath samples

Doctor Vertigo [EXPANSIO]:

-Technical details-

Type: Triexpression Japanese VCV with English extras
Expressions: Argon (Natural), Xenon (Whisper), Neon (Power)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Recommended resamplers: TIPS, Moresampler
Recommended flags: H0Y0F0B0c99e
Range: A#2-A4
Files: 652
Voices: 3453
Artworks folder included
4 breath samples

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 180 cms/5'11

Weight: 58 kgs/127.9 lbs

-Character Info-

Name: Vertigo V. Marchesini
Age: In his 20s
Gender: Non-Binary
Pronouns: He/Him
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Biochemist
Sexual/Romantic orientation: Asexual and aromantic (not on the extreme end of the spectrum though)
Favorite color: Lilac
Date of birth: 7th of January, 2099
Character from:"Artificial Miracle", an original series by NemyZilla
Voiced, illustrated and created by: NemyZilla


Doctor Vertigo Marchesini, born Vladimiro Marchesini, is a biochemist from Verona, Italy. He is known for creating artificial life by building a single cell in his lab, which evolved later into a living creature named Lili (from his mother's name, Emilia).

Since he was born, he had always been a smart kid. He could read and write by age 2, he would get the best marks at school and his parents were really proud of him. There was something they did not notice about him though: he could not relate to other kids at all, or recognize their and his own emotions.

When he was 7 years old, his parents - who were both scientists, and worked together - died because of an accident at work. As a result of this, he had to move to his aunt Venusia's house. Venusia, an ex model and actress, was incredibly rich and greedy and she hated her younger brother Fabrizio, Vertigo's father, for not being religious. She immediately started being abusive and cruel towards her little nephew, finding any kind of excuses to blame him and beat him up. He eventually began to set things on fire, mostly his aunt's expensive clothes, as a way to get revenge.

People at school did not particularly like him either, because he was the "nerdy and weird kid" who would always get the best marks without even studying. He used to get out of the classroom during lessons, reply in a rude way to the teachers and get into fights with others - behaviours that got him in trouble more than once. Despite this, he had managed to pass every class thanks to his smartness, and even got to skip some grades.

As years passed, Vertigo started to feel lonely and empty without knowing why. As he says, "like an alien who appears to be landed on the wrong planet". At 17, he came to the conclusion that his whole existence was pointless, so he tried to reach the other side. He woke up in a hospital, only to find out he had failed once again. What seemed the end, though, was actually a new beginning.

When he turned 18, he was diagnosed with ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), the first one being caused by frontal lobe damage he had since his birth.


Vertigo is often seen as scary or intimidating, but he is usually pretty chill. He sometimes stays up at night instead of sleeping, and this causes him to fall asleep during the day - he fell asleep while driving once. He does not smoke, drink or use questionable substances but he is highly addicted to caffeine. He takes two showers a day and always smells like vanilla. He has a terrible sense of humour and does not understand jokes and sarcasm, but sometimes he makes puns with his name such as "Never Verti-gonna give you up".

He is a terrible cook and cannot multitask at all, but he is very good at solving equations, skiing, singing, playing chess and videogames. He likes watching sci-fi and horror movies, painting his nails and drawing, even though he is not the best at doing it. He can solve a Rubik's cube with his eyes closed.

Because of his condition he lacks empathy, guilt, regret and sense of danger, and his emotions are muted. He has trouble recognizing his own and other people's emotions properly, and this upsets him a lot. His movements are not very well-coordinated, so he can trip on his own feet or hit objects by mistake. He can accidentally say or do things that make others uncomfortable; he tries his best to fix what he messes up though. He often does not understand what he does wrong, but he is constantly working to improve. He gets irritated very easily, and can get violent when angry; luckily not towards his loved ones, as his family and friends are really important to him and losing them could destroy him.

Vertigo is a huge perfectionist and any small mistake he makes can make him doubt himself. Nothing he does ever meets his expectations. He considers himself inferior to everyone else and is deep down very insecure, but hides it by pretending to be confident.

He is canonically married to Fukitsuma Ongaku and they have three kids: Denzel, Damien and Anna. He really cares about them, but is also very jealous. He does not let anyone disrespect them, and always does his best to be a good parent and a good husband.


His name is the Latin word Vertigo, which is a condition where a person has the sensation of moving or of surrounding objects moving when they are not. This isn't his actual birth name, but a word he chose to replace his gendered name; more specifically, "Vertigo" was the name of a secret lethal weapon that was being developed by his parents' colleagues.

It is pronounced with the emphasis on the "I", like in the Latin language.

His full name is Vertigo Vladimiro Marchesini. Note: He does not go by Vladimiro, as it's his deadname; instead, he uses it as a middle name "just for the sake of having one".


In his main design, he wears a lab coat over a lilac turtleneck sweater, black pants and black boots with lilac soles. He sometimes wears long lilac gloves and black goggles with green lenses.

Body type - Tall and slender, with noticeable curvy hips
Skin colour - Very pale, almost white
Hairstyle - Messy and asymmetrical hairstyle
Hair colour - Lilac (natural colour)
Eye colour - Bright green


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-Contact the creator-

Email: moc.liamg|allizymen.www#moc.liamg|allizymen.www
Twitter: @NemyZilla
Discord: NemyZilla#4713
SoundCloud: NemyZilla
YouTube: •NemyZilla Official•
DeviantArt: NemyZilla
FaceBook: Vittoria Marchesini (Vitto)
Instagram: @NemyZilla

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