Daisuke Jonetsune
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Western Name: Daisuke Jonetsune
Eastern Name: 情熱音 - 大輔
Kana Pronunciation: ジョネツネ - ダイスケ

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: November 30, 2013
Group/Team: Project-KASSYD:TEARSZ

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Technical Details

Voiced by: FMARocksSoMuch
Managed by: FMARocksSoMuch

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Voicebank Distribution

All of my UTAUloids have now been privatised; please contact me directly if you would like me to give you Daisuke's voicebank.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.tomey.7
Email: ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j#ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j

Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'8"//173cm

Weight: 120lb//54kg

Hair: Long, Fluffy, Wildly curly, Wine Red hair tied back with a purple cloth-like "ribbon" with a straight, Black fringe
Eyes: Deep, Lavender Purple
Color Scheme: Purple, Red, Black, White
Neck Wear: Plain dark wine-red choker.
Headphones: Looks like elf ears, black with red lights on the sides, microphone on left side of his head.
Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Heart shaped bass and treble clef mark on upper chest. XLR cable plug in his lower back.

Likes: Chocolate, Pomegranates, Cherries, his XLR cable, Yuki Kwon (Daisuke's partner) …and Kitties. ^w^
Dislikes: Icy weather (Moreover the walking ON the ice; he slips over very easily on ice and slippery surfaces), Kosuke buying too many Fire Lilles, Kosuke putting some of those lillies and/or some pink ribbons in his hair because to her, "it looks cute"(this happens whether he's sleeping or awake; more often when he's asleep though).

Character Item(s): Pomegranates, deep, dark red coloured(black but shines wine red)XLR speaker cable
Nationality: British-Japanese
Birthday: 6th ‎July
Sexuality: Bisexual/Gay(either; you can choose…)
Voice range: G2-G5

PERSONALITY: (Towards people that have taken a fancy to him) Tsundere(outer), Dandere(inner)

(Towards everybody else) Tsundere(unless you know him really well. In which case he'll just be casual.)

Daisuke is the younger twin, being an hour later than Kosuke. He is a friendly, gentle boy who is quite shy…
but don't mess with his sister, or you WILL get a beat down!

Other Notes:

Although this happens VERY RARELY, in moments of deep stress or when he gets incredibly flustered(i.e. if he ever sees Gakupo for real not just on a poster and if he were to actually talk to Daisuke), if it gets bad enough, Daisuke will pass out with his eyes open; no blinking and his eyes (white and iris) will go to static for 10 seconds whilst making an "overheating computer fan" noise like a sort of whirring noise. After this, the whirring will stop and his eyes will go black with a flashing white underscore (Yes. Daisuke experiences the "Black Screen of Death" but its just like sleeping for him).

No one will be able to communicate with Daisuke until he is "rebooted" (this does NOT mean that any of his memories are wiped; just the ones that happened 5 minutes before he passed out.)

Family & Friends:
-Angel Red (Guardian Angel and Best Friend)
-Kosuke Jonetsune (Twin sister [older])
-Yuki Kwon (Partner)
-Sensei (Friend)
-Sonny (Pet Panther/Nuisance)


-Both Daisuke and his twin sister Kosuke, have the ability to conjure up fire from their bare hands.
-He doesn't like having his hair touched or petted by anyone (except Yuki) unless it's completely necessary for it to be touched.
-He has a "fan-crush" on Gakupo Kamui.
-Both Daisuke and Kosuke have the number "01" on them located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull, and the number "0713" on their left arms.
-Daisuke almost always goes to sleep with his hair down.
-Daisuke is NOT a morning person. Try to wake him up in the morning without a good reason? Be prepared to face up to a demon!
-Due to the fact that his hair is so long AND curly, Daisuke's sister Kosuke has to help him brush the back of his hair everyday(he does the same for her).
-Daisuke likes art and sketching things.
-Daisuke and Angello are Best Friends and he has been Angello's friend longer than anyone else has been so… it's fair to say that there are some things that even Sensei might not know about Angello that Daisuke's known for ages. The same goes for Angello knowing stuff about Daisuke that Yuki doesn't know much about.

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