Cotton Horns
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Image by UpTown-P, IC: Shinysilverz

Western Name: Cotton Horns
Eastern Name: 牛角コットン
Kana Pronunciation: ギュカクコットン

Gender: Male
Age: Mentally 14

Release Date: March , 2021
Group/Team: FNV

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Technical Details

Voiced by: UpTown-P & Shinysilverz
Managed by: UpTown-P & Shinysilverz

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Voicebank Distribution

✦Cotton is a private UTAUloid made by Shinysilvers with the help of UpTown-P. The voicebanks listed are planned to stay private unless change in mind is made by Shinysilverz himself.
All voicebanks are monopitch.

✦Cotton currently has 4 voicebanks ranging from CV to VCV.

resampler; Moresampler/tn_fnds_PB
flags; eoMb-100g+15
1 pitch cv with a masculine and soft tone.
romaji w/ hiragana aliases

resampler; tn_fnds_PB
flags; eoY0H0B0g+7
1 pitch CV with a masculine and mischevious tone.
romaji w/ no aliases

resampler; Moresampler
flags; eoMb-100Mt+30g+15
1 pitch VCV with a masculine and inconsistent tone.
romaji w/ hiragana aliases

resampler; TIPS
flags; Y0H0B0C99g+4
1 pitch CV with a masculine tone that was voiced by Shinysilverz, permission granted from system to release.
romaji w/ hiragana aliases

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 200cm (6''7)

Weight: 140 lbs


🦇Cotton is a hyper, mischievous trouble maker with a love for knifes and pranks. Cotton loves everything sharp, sparkly, bright and reflective. This is evident by his love and obsession over knife collecting, stars and rain.

🦇 Despite being the mischievous and chaotic loving character, Cotton has a much more compassionate side to his personality. Cotton can usually sense when someone is down in the dumps, and because of this he will try everything in his power to get them back in good spirits. He takes this a step further when around friends as he will usually spend days focusing his attention on them to make them feel better.
Cotton deals with suppressing memories and amnesia.

🔪Pass time

🦇Cottons pranks involve taping things to the ceiling of his room and letting his roommate Tomi find it and deal with it later. Tomi has came into their room to see the house cat, Keith, taped to the ceiling above her bed more than once.
His pranks also involve scaring people for a reaction.

🦇Cotton also enjoys making knifes out of various materials and objects, this isn't limited to edibles and chemicals of all sorts.

🔪Trivia and Facts

🦇Cotton is very close with his roommate, Tomi. They both bond over small moments of vulnerability, shopping and egging Tomi on to join in on Cottons pranks. Because of their connected moments in private it had allowed the two to grow closer than before, they are almost always seen hanging out. Cotton never seems to leave Tomi's side and he seems to enjoy Tomi's company.

🦇Cotton shows his affections through gifting Tomi and his friends knives made out of seemingly random material as well as being hyper-active and loud around them.
Their relationship is up for interpretation, but art depicted makes their ship dubious canon.

🦇Cotton is most commonly associated with the color purple, knives, stars, the winter season, hypothermia, rain, the cotton plant and cotton balls.
Cotton is also some-what of a shapeshifter as he is able to change his height and apperance to a minimal amount.
🦇He has a large distaste for religious figures such as God, especially Satan.

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