Coraline Sahimura
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Western Name: Coraline Sahimura
Eastern Name: 佐緋村コラリン
Kana Pronunciation: サヒムラコラリン

Gender: Female
Age: 500

Release Date: May 19, 2018
Group/Team: Project CORALINE

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Cutila-Mun
Managed by: Cutila-Mun

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Voicebank Distribution

Apologies in advance for such a long wiki page!!

Note: If you would want to make an original, please let Cutila-Mun know. Her contact info is always included with the Voicebanks. Every once in a while if something severe has happened in the world, she will offer up use of her UTAUs commercially if they allow her to put the songs made with Coraline or Ignatius, into an album, where 90-100% of the profit gained from the album will be directed towards charities meant to help out in the situation. Anywhere from an Earthquake, Tsunami, or Hurricane, in order to help with relief towards those people currently living in the dire situation.

Second note: When it's mentioned that a bank is "canon", that only applies to the voice! You're welcome to make songs that don't even fit the character! This label is only here for story purposes, as it's her official voice in RDM, and might even be used in a possible animated series.

Voicebanks: (Please download through the Project CORALINE site!)



Coraline Sahimura CV Beta 1.0

A CV monopitch bank for Coraline. This was her first bank made, and used a DR-VX1 microphone with a USB-XLR cable.


OTO: Fiire-Alarm

Recommended?: NO

Canon?: NO

Coraline Sahimura VCV ACT 1.0

A VCV monopitch bank for Coraline, using Zurui-Chan's 7-Mora reclist. This is the creator's first proper VCV bank, and character's first VCV. Was released on the character's birthday, September 25th.

(Note: "rr"s are pronouced like Spanish Rs, This is intentional.)

OTO : MeleeMeleeMelee/PassiveAlkane

Recommended?: No, unless Act 2 is too powerful.

Canon?: Kinda. This isn't as powerful as her voice actually is nowadays, but is more fitting for the character's appearance.

Coraline Sahimura VCV ACT 2

A VCV monopitch bank for Coraline, using Zurui-Chan's 7-Mora reclist, with added NG lines as well.

A remake of the original VCV, with a more powerful tone, new microphone, and new OTOer. Monopitch. Was released on Dracula day, May 26th.

OTO: SunGuardian524

Recommended?: YES

Canon?: YES


Coraline Sahimura ENGLISH Act 1

An English VCCV monopitch Voicebank for Coraline, using CZ's English CORE reclist, and combines her Japanese bank for smoother transitions and easier language switching.

Coraline's first English bank, and was made for the character's 10th anniversary. Was released on the character's birthday, September 25th.

OTO: MeleeMeleeMelee/PassiveAlkane

Recommended?: YES. Until the V2 English bank is complete, at least.

Canon?: YES. Until the V2 English bank is complete, at least.

Coraline Sahimura ENGLISH ACT 2

Currently in the works!


Coraline Sahimura VCCV SPANISH

A Spanish VCCV monopitch Voicebank for Coraline, using Aku-P's VCCV Spanish reclist, and combines her Act 1 VCV bank for smoother transitions and easier language switching.

Last voicebank otoed by MeleeMeleeMelee/PassiveAlkane. Was released on the character's birthday, September 25th. Originally recorded in 2019. Official art for this voicebank created by Artbyclad.

OTO: MeleeMeleeMelee/PassiveAlkane

Recommended?: YES

Canon?: Voice, YES. Language, NO



Coraline ANMITSU APND CV Beta 1.0

An Append for Coraline, meant to be mature and powerful. Rebranded Coraline ADULT.

Coraline's first append. Out of respect, do not use this bank, as it has a bit of bad history behind it.

OTO: Versailles

Recommended?: NO. Do not use this bank.

Canon?: NO.


Unknown Completion Date.


In Progress. Unknown completion date.


None available at the moment.


None available at the moment.

Resamplers Coraline works best with:


Model4 (Coraline VCV JPN 1.0)
Moresampler (Especially recommended for Coraline VCCV ENG)

Won't work:

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 3'00

Weight: 55 lb

NOTE: Coraline is canonically known as "Sahimura Korarin". She goes by "Coraline Sahimura" to make it easier for westerners to pronounce her name.

!!This is a story-based UTAU! Please read RDM to know more about her character!!

Coraline Sahimura (Sahimura Korarin). Maiden/Heart of Red, and the Puppeteer of Fate.

NAME MEANING: Coraline (Maiden/Heart) Sahimura (Help, Scarlet, Town) Can be read as "Maiden/Heart of the Red Town", while last name can possibly be read as "Savior of Scarlet Town", which can mean Miyabiro.

Name canonically stylized as "SA-Himura Korarin". SA = Synthetic Angel, alluding to her original intent to being an experiment.

The name "Coraline Sahimura" is also derived from "CS-V2" in canon, which is short for "Child Soldier - Version 2"

Corrie's a 500 year old (10 if human) demon from the land of Miyabiro, Tsumaki Prefecture, Japan. A demon with angel blood created as an experiment as a soldier for Malakon/Sorano Yasumoto, originally known as "CSV2".

Despite her young and fragile appearance, she's the equivalent of a glass cannon. Can get hurt easily, and yet she's very powerful. This is a side effect from her experimentation. However, she refuses to hurt anyone, and is rather pacifistic, as she would never wish harm on anyone.

Although, she does seem a bit shy at first, due to the large amount of trauma that she has been through. If you manage to befriend her though, she warms up to you and tries her best to make someone smile.

Originally meant as just an OC, this lovable child now would love to sing her heart out for everyone. Inspiring to keep moving on, no matter the hardships you have to face.

Hers and Ignatius's voicebanks were made as a way to promote Reliving Dead Memories, a work of fiction currently in progress by their creator. Story is currently being re-written.

Birthdate: September 25th, 1519 (Creation of character: September 25th, 2009)

Related Characters:
Ignatius Kadin (Relationship: Best friend, almost sibling-like at times.)

Sweets, pets, Ignatius, stars & space, tea.

Lady Yasumoto, the dark, the sound of fireworks, and being left alone.

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