Blake Howell
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Western Name: Blake Howell
Eastern Name: ブレイク・ハウエル
Kana Pronunciation: ぶれいくはうえる

Gender: Male
Age: 25

Release Date: March 9, 2010
Group/Team: Studio VOXYZ

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Sam Blakeslee (nostraightanswer)
Managed by: Sam Blakeslee (nostraightanswer)

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Voicebank Distribution



  • Monopitch Voice Library
  • Alto Vocal
  • A2~C#4 Vocal Range
  • Contains Kana Encoded Alias
  • Best for Pop, Ballads, Techno, and EDM
  • Includes extra samples

CV Version 2:

  • Monopitch Voice Library (Beta)
  • Tenor Vocal
  • A2~C5 Vocal Range
  • Powerful Vocal Range
  • Contains Kana Encoded Alias
  • Optimal Resampler: TIPS
  • Best for Pop, Rock, Techno, and Trance Genres
  • Includes additional "m" vowel type
  • For smoother vowels input "2" next to the lyric ("a2", "n2", "m2". "i2", "u2", "e2", "o2")

VCV ACT 1.7:

  • Monopitch Voice Library
  • Contains Kana Encoded Alias
  • Tenor Vocal
  • A#2~C#4 Vocal Range
  • Best suited for Ballad and Techno Genres
  • Voicebank has been edited from a CV Voice Library to VCV

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'11" (180cm)

Weight: 192lbs (87kg)

A calm but energetic werewolf. Blake is high-spirited, considerate of his friends' feelings, and is easily dumbfounded by ridiculousness. Often the "responsible" one in a group, he tends to act somewhat seriously but is prone to friendly banter; however, he has trouble recognizing sarcasm unless made obvious. He's easily flustered when flirted with, especially in public.
As a werewolf, Kenji can generally transform at will, but he struggles to control his full power during the full moon, resulting in some broken, temporary transformations based on his movement; the effects are more extreme if he's upset or angry.


Keychains, Charms, Video Games, Music, Singing, Wildlife (particularly of the canine species), and Baking
Guns, Hurting his Friends, Bullies, Unnecessary Violence, Ignorance



  • Blake goes by He/Him and They/Them Pronouns
  • Blake identifies as Bisexual, but preferring men (80% into Males/20% into Females)
  • Blake's Voiceprovider is Sam Blakeslee (Nostraightanswer) who is also the voiceprovider for the English VOCALOID DEX
  • Since his contract with Zero-G expired, Nostraightanswer was able to update Blake with a VCV Voice Library
  • Blake Howell originally went by as "Kenji Baionoto (倍音音ケンジ) but due to changing views with appropriating foreign names, his creator/voiceprovider change Blake's name to avoid conflict
  • Blake is able to transform into a Werewolf during the Full Moon and can be very hostile and animalistic towards others
  • Blake's Official Birthday is July 11th
  • It is notable that Blake begins shaking uncontrollably and begins stuttering when in front of large crowds.
  • Though Blake does not like to engage in violence, he has no problem with defending his love ones
  • Blake likes to exercise and is muscular
  • Though Blake has a job, he is known to garner extra money through some very unorthodox means that are viewed "unfavorable" by society
  • Blake is easily flustered whenever someone flirts with him, especially in public
  • Blake design was influence by his creator and was also created as a more idealized version of who his creator wishes to be
  • Blake is "semi-albino"

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