Azo Sorabara
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Western Name: Azo Sorabara
Eastern Name: 空薔薇アゾ
Kana Pronunciation: そらばら あぞ

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: September , 2018

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Technical Details

Voiced by: AzoSBear
Managed by: AzoSBear

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Voicebank Distribution

Azo Sorabara_Lollipop Romaji + Breath - Completed, Waiting Video VB Release
CV (Japanese) Romaji Voicebank, Moresampler Recommended

Azo Sorabara_GummyBear - Completed, Waiting Video VB Release
VCV (Japanese + Additional Sounds) Romaji and Hiragana Voicebank - Moresampler Recommended

Azo Sorabara_Cupcake - Created (Under Testing), Waiting Video VB Release
VCCV (English) Voicebank - Moresampler Recommended

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'7"/170cm

Weight: 148 lb/67 kg

Sexuality - Gay
Species - Imaginary Bear
Birthday - Sept. 17
Personality - A cheerful and friendly huggable bear that is loving and caring like teddy bear. (A bit of a weirdo too)

Items: Giant Lollipop Hammer, The Sword of The One Eyed Star
Likes- Candy, Red and Blue, Cuteness, Friendliness, Bowties, Music, Roses, Huggles (Snuggles + Hugs)
Dislikes - Meanies, Bitter, Solitude, Darkness
Introvert or Extrovert? - Ambivert
Speed - 6/10
Strength - 6/10
Smell - 8/10
Eyesight - 3/10 (Requires Glasses)
Swimming - 6/10
Intelligence - 8/10
Anthro - 6/10
1-4 Pretty Bad
5-7 Average
8-9 Really Good
10 Absolutely
"Anthro" is to indicate how much their body is human like, going to being simply bipedal to straight up animal x human hybrids

Created in the image of Maria's childhood android friend AZO-BA. Maria created this illusion as a protector and a friend when they were trapped in the Void, a place where your body exists without your soul as an illusionary dream.

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