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Western Name: Asher
Eastern Name: アッシャー
Kana Pronunciation: あっしゃあ

Gender: Male
Age: 20

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: MuteB / MuteBunz
Managed by: MuteB / MuteBunz

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Voicebank Distribution

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*These ranks are not official and are made up by Asher and his manager

Debut Rank
This is where Asher's redebut & CV Banks are

SampleTray CV-VV-Rentan Mediafire
﹃﹃ Natural Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G2,C3,F3,A3
﹃﹃ Soft Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G2,C3,F3,A3
﹃﹃ Power Voice
﹃﹃﹃ D3,G3,C4
﹃﹃ Falsetto
﹃﹃﹃ E4, B4

SampleTray CVVCLite Mediafire
﹃﹃ Natural Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G2,C3,F3,A3
﹃﹃ Soft Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G2,C3,F3,A3
﹃﹃ Power Voice
﹃﹃﹃ D3,G3,C4
﹃﹃ Falsetto
﹃﹃﹃ E4, B4

Rookie Rank
This is where Asher's VCV+CVVC Banks will be

Serious Rank
This is where Asher's DiffSinger Voice Will be

Old Voicebanks

CV: |11/30/18| GoogleDrive
﹃﹃ Natural Voice
﹃﹃﹃ C3

Butterscotch_CV-VV |2/14/19| Mediafire Bowlroll Auth: MUTEB |2/14/19|
﹃﹃ Natural Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G#2, C3, E3

Creampuff_CVVC |01/12/22| Download
﹃﹃ Sweet Voice
﹃﹃﹃ G2, G2S, B2, B2S, E3, E3S, A3, A3S+D4Falsetto
﹃﹃﹃﹃ Normal Sweet = Strawberry Creampuff
﹃﹃﹃﹃ Soft Sweet = Matcha Creampuff

Retired Voicebanks
Cream-puff VCCV ENG:Download

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'3"/160 cm

Weight: 112 LB

Normal UTAU Background
Name:Asher (Happy/Blessed)
Nationality: Hispanic American
Likes:Games, Junk-food, Collecting things, Waterparks, Soft places, Warm places, Vegetables
Dislikes:Rude people, Making mistakes, Forced smiles, Overbearing Managements.
Personality (Won't affect songs you use him in): Lawful Neutral, Sweet yet shy, Jumps sometimes while playing games, Embarrassed easily, Loves to sleep on the couch/floor, and Always says he understands but he doesn't really

A young rabbit with the passion to become an Idol, though he's only seen and learned (very little) about them through anime. He has the goal to make his friends and people feel seen and happy with his voice. With his interesting Balloondra-Dog Manager


◈Since he is a rabbit he is Vegan, eating only vegetables like lettuce, radish, beans etc.
◈Dislikes carrots.
◈Loves to cuddle, will cuddle friends if they let him.
◈He has an unusual quirk being visual being his ear color changing depending on what kind of sweets he eats (usually has to be a certian amount) Kinda like a mood ring. He has certian cravings with each emotion so it's easy to tell
◈He doesn't uphold the "innocent do no bad happy go" Idol image. He prefers to be himself, and hopes people would like him as himself with his faults.

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