Ari Lambert
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Western Name: Ari Lambert
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Female
Age: 22 (Appears 10-12)

Release Date: March 7th, 2013
Group/Team: Starloids

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Stars
Managed by: Starlight Enterprise

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Voicebank Distribution

Act 1: Discontinued
Act 2: Discontinued
Act 3: Never Released

*Free Voicebanks*
Free banks will remain free through out their existence, just remember to get them while you can because they may later get discontinued.
Voicebank Name: Ari Lambert 5 Year Anniversary
Voicebank Type: CV Tripitch

Voicebank Name: Ari Lambert Free CV Edition
Voicebank Type: CV Monopitch

Voicebank Name: Ari Lambert CRACKED
Voicebank Type: CV Monopitch

Voicebank Name: Ari Lambert Free VCV Edition
Voicebank Type: VCV Monopitch

1.Songs can have sexual themes
2.Songs that make Ari seem racist or sexist is not allowed (Homophobic aswell)
3.You can draw art, nudity is allowed as long as her nipples and vaginal area are covered (Keep it PG 13) ★Even though she is 22 you may get in trouble for child nudity since she appears a child… sorry it's happened before★
4.Using other characters as love interest is allowed
5.Pairing Ari with vocaloids is allowed
6.Color scheme changing is not allowed - Ari does have another version called Hybrid that is when her skin is dark toned skin (it's like a really dark tan i guess) and her hair is blue and her eyes are hot pink and ears and tail are pink. This mode is a sign she's going into her demonic form and to run the hell away.
8.Songs about Yandere, Suicide and murder IS ALLOWED (Ari is Yandere)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 90lbs

Name: Ari Lambert
Age: 22
Birthday: October 31st
Likes: Her senpai, smothering her senpai, doing hat her senpai tells her, sneaking into senpai's house while he's asleep and climbing into bed with him. Sleeping in bathtubs, swimming in lakes and rivers.
Dislikes: Being bathed by other people, hospitals, wearing clothing, being yelled at, seeing her senpai talking to other girls, being force fed anything, being touched by anyone that isn't her senpai. People who point out her flat chest. People who don't believe her age even after showing them her ID and other documentations proving her age and the reason she looks 10.

Romantic Partner: Lola Wylington

Background Story: (1st person)
My life was a lonely one. I spent most of my time alone. I had no friends and what you would call a family would refuse to acknowledge my existence. I bet you’re wondering why my family was so harsh on me. I bet you think I had done something dishonorable to them. I had for shamed the family name somehow. Well, I guess you could say I did.
What was my crime you ask? I was born with rabbit ears and tail.
Yes, in a family of humans I was the first and only member to be born a wereanimal. In Europe, wereanimals are rare and usually are friendly folk. But some are not so lucky. I was unfortunately not born into a kind family. My animal was one my mother hated, my mother had tried many times to murder me. She even had went as far as to try and drown me in the basement when it had flooded.
No, I did not die. Actually I did have one person who took care of me. Well I shouldn’t really say she took care of me, she simply made sure I stayed alive. She didn’t nurture me, I was on my own in that department. I tried hard to make a connection with her, but she was like stone.
School wasn’t much of an escape either. I was the only wereanimal in my school. Children made fun of my ears and tail, pulling them and even one classmate attempted to slice them off with a knife. But they failed. They always fail. Humans never learn though from their mistakes, no matter what you do to them.
When I turned 10, I fell in love with a boy. The boy was nice to me for the most part, he would share with me and tell people to stop picking on me… I fell in love with him. But his heart wasn’t mine to claim. I became angry and threatened a girl in my class who had been talking to him. I told her if she went near him again, that’d be the last time she’d see him. She didn’t listen to my threats. So I took her into a broom closet and I choked that bimbo to death, and as soon as I snapped her neck, the door opened, and the boy I loved had seen me. I let my rage take over as he rejected my affections. My only source of expression was through murdering the boy who broke my heart.
After I managed to escape the school I went into hiding for days, planning my revenge on him for not returning love for me. I found myself a weapon, a beautiful scythe with a nicely sharpened blade. I took my scythe with me as I leaped from tree to tree, keeping myself out of sight, I was sure people were looking for me. I wasn’t going to let them have me though until I got my revenge on this boy.
I opened his window to his bedroom as he slept and I stared at him as he slept, I leaned in and kissed him softly which woke him, and he screamed and as he did I pressed the blade of my scythe into his throat, slicing through it as if it was butter. The blood spurted everywhere and finally, a smile finally appeared on my lips for the first time in my life, a real smile appeared.
After that I let them arrest me. They took me to court and they sentenced me to an insane asylum, to stay until I was ‘emotionally stable’. While in the asylum, I felt strange. They had been giving me medication for many different issues. I later came to find out that all the weird medications were from my mother, who was yet again attempting to kill me. The nights of coughing up blood and waking up screaming weren’t the worst part. The worst part was losing the ability to grow up. After 2 years of intensive drug pumping, my body froze in time. My appearance remained that of a 12 year old girl of my time. I was only 5 feet tall and hadn’t even gone through puberty. I had been released because they thought I would sue them for having done that to me.
I had also been very good so they felt comfortable letting me out, claiming my mental state had improved enough to be let back into society. My mother fought though to keep me locked inside and given more drugs. This of course was not going to happen. So I finally took off and left home at the age of 13, taking my scythe with me as my signature weapon for all the murders I committed.
I was feared by everyone, a monster with unknown abilities. Though there were a select few humans who dared to approach me, asking me for sexual favors in exchange for food or shelter. I accepted. They mostly just had their way with me until they got frustrated that i wasn’t making noise and they’d throw me to the ground.
I don’t remember much of what happened to them after that, since I don’t remember exactly what I had done, all I knew is I’d wake up soaked in blood. I felt rather avenged when I did wake up. Being covered in blood though didn’t sit well with people so I often bathed in rivers and lakes. Staying in forbidden forests that humans refused to enter for fear of monsters such as I, though not many had existed.
One day, I wasn’t near any towns and it had started to downpour. I hated the rain because the next day I would be weak and unable to defend myself if I had continued to venture through it. I had to take shelter in a nearby cave. The cave wasn’t normal though. There was some type of pink gem that was embedded into the rock walls. I decided to use my scythe’s blade and started hacking away at the stone until I could rip a piece of the crystal out of it.
The crystal was harder than a diamond and was warm to the touch. It seemed to have magic abilities about it, so I gathered enough and crafted myself a new blade for my scythe. Magic flowed through my scythe and I could feel a new energy inside. The magic really was inside the crystals and now I wielded it power.
I used my new blade on trees, slicing easily through them. Crashing through stone and the ability to slice a fly in mid-air was very impressive to me. My blade had become my greatest ally and my only friend.
I talked to my blade. I told it about my past, how much it hurt, how badly I wished to just let go of my life. My blade always seemed to talk back to me. I am not sure how to explain it, but the energy I felt seemed to feel like it was speaking to me somehow, like I could communicate with it.
I soon found out that the crystals contained my own self. My suffering was transferred into my blade, creating a force that could communicate with me and calm me. This blade was the only reason I did not black out for years. This also lead to me understanding the magic of the blade better. I learned that I could use the magic in my blade to make my scythe transform. I turned it into a carrot, to conceal the weapon when i walk around town, but have it at the ready incase I truly needed it.

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