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Western Name: Aphelia
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: アフェリア

Gender: Non-Binary
Age: ?

Release Date: March 20, 2013

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: heta-tan
Managed by: heta-tan

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Voicebank Distribution

CURRENT BANKS- All banks can be found on their site listed above

-pisces-:-Sung multipitch Japanese CVVC whisper bank with a sweet and dreamy tone.
G#3, B3, D4, F4, G#4, B4, D4

-capricornius-: Sung multipitch Japanese CVVC with a neutral voice tone meant to mimic the voicer's natural singing style.
G#3, B3, D4, F4, G#4, B4, D5

-cygnus-: Dark Sung-style CVVC
G#3, B3, D4, F4, G#4, B4, D5

English -redux-: Updated VCCV English
G#3,B3, D4, F4, G#4, B4
Expression vowels:
-Falsetto (C5)
-Power (B3, F4, G#4, B4)
-Soft (B3, F4, G#4, B4)

-solar flare-: Multiexpression power CVVC
Pitches: F3, G#3, B3, D4, F4, G#4, B4
Expressions: Solid (Base pitches), Yell, Light

-meteor-: Multipitch VCV with Soft expression
This bank was intended to be an easy to use, natural voice VCV bank for Aphelia for those who might intimidated by or unfamiliar with CVVC.
G#3, B3/B3 Soft, D4/D4 Soft, F4/F4 Soft, G#4/G#4 Soft, B4, D5 Falsetto (CVVC)

-corona-: Multiexpression CVVC geared towards soft vocals; an 8 pitch base bank with 4 additional expressions (Whisper, Cheerful, Sweet, and Dark)
This bank is available on their site!


Stratosphere- Multipitch, multi append CVVC
-8 base pitches (F3, G#3, A3, C4, F4, G#4, C5 and Falsetto)
-4 soft pitches (C4, F4, G#4, and C5)
-4 solid pitches (C4, F4, G#3 and C5)
-3 husky pitches (F3, G#3 and A3)
-3 chest pitches (A3, C4 and F4)
-VV and CV vocal fry and end fries for natural pitches
-English Extras for the natural pitches

Satellite- Multipitch, multi append CVVC bank meant to replace COSMOS bank
-4 base pitches (F3, A3, F4, and C5)
-4 soft pitches (Nebula Append) (F3, A3, F4, and C5) - Uses the "S" suffix
-3 power pitches (Inertia Append) (A3, F4, and C5) - Uses the "P" suffix
-Falsetto pitch - Uses the "F" suffix
-Growl Vowels - Uses the "G" suffix

English Beta- VCCV
Recorded at A3

DARK ENERGY- Multipitch "Jazz" CVVC
A3, F4, F3 and C5. Also includes two stronger pitches at A3 and F4 that uses the suffix "固"

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'

Weight: 120lbs

Aphelia is a happy-go-lucky alien scientist that landed on Earth to do "research" although they mainly sit around. They are horrified at the alien stereotypes they see in movies and on TV. They are quite friendly and willing to help anyone in need, though at first, they come off as being really serious. They are often unaware of the social atmosphere, as they don't always understand aspects of the alien society around them. Aphelia has an interest in human technology and culture mainly because it seems so archaic to them

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Image by heta-tan

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