Anne Claire
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Western Name: Anne Claire
Eastern Name: アン・クレア
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Female
Age: 24

Release Date: November 2, 2017
Group/Team: Fractured hope co.

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Technical Details

Voiced by: KyoshiShion
Managed by: Sawaranaide

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Character Details

Height: 173cm

Weight: 64kg

Race - opliean; Gender - female; Age - 24; Height - 173 cm; weight - 64 kg; Location - green part.
Likes: calm evenings, night
Dislikes: cruel people, liars
Personality: She is really sensitive person, who tries to be strong and evil, but couldnt. It's really easy to make her cry.
Personal lore: She was born in a curious planet called Opliea, which is a planet where music is used everywhere, anytime and in different forms. But humans, in their greedy behavior, invaded the planet, stealing and plagiaring their music, claiming their music as their own. Humans only left few possesions, like the cities, some money, some reserves of food. But humans have just started their terrible "party" with the Oplieans. After that Anne had to leave Opliea and search for another home. That's how she appeared on Earth. She found a guy, who said that could help her, and they travelled between different cities; she sang and he played the guitar. She fell in love with him, but he fooled her: when she asked to stay at one city and give up travelling with singing, he got mad and drowned her in the bath. After that she became a ghost and start haunt him.

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