Angel Red
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Western Name: Angel Red
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: エンジェル - レード

Gender: Male
Age: 24

Release Date: July 12, 2014
Group/Team: Project-KASSYD:TEARSZ

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Nadir Sidali
Managed by: FMARocksSoMuch

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Voicebank Distribution

All of my UTAUloids have now been privatised; please contact me directly if you would like me to give you Angello's voicebank.

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Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'9" // 175cm

Weight: 121lb // 55kg(Add 20lb // 9kg onto this weight if he has his wings) [As a pomegranate: 18oz // 500g]

Hair: Short, stylized, somewhat spiky strawberry blonde hair with a "Hetalia-like curl" on the right side of his head.
Eyes: Hot pink to light pink gradiation
Color Scheme: Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue.
Neck Wear: Sky Scarf
Headphones: One in ear head piece for the left ear with a Pomegranate shaped motif on the in ear bit; microphone built in.
Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Pomegranate shaped birthmark on his lower back.

Likes: Strawberries, Sensei (there are rules for this pairing), Flying(because he fokin' can!), Baking….and both Kitties and Doggies. ^w^
Dislikes: Falling, Being left alone for a long time, People not listening to him, ANYONE HURTING OR ANNOYING SENSEI, people calling him adorable.

Character Item(s): Strawberries, his Sky Scarf.
Nationality: Spanish(1/8)/Italian(7/8)/Japanese(Half)
Birthday: 7th May
Sexuality: Bisexual
Voice range: Sings: A#2-A5 (he can hit C6 and a few notes above though… with the syllable "a" or "ra")

PERSONALITY: Somewhat shy, very loyal and friendly, cares about everyone's well-being (especialy Sensei's)

DERE TYPE: Deredere (a bit Tsundere towards Sensei sometimes, or people that piss him off…)

Other Notes:

Angel Red got his alias 'Angel Red' from the young angels that used to bully him about his eye colour but he chose to keep the name as a nickname so that people remembered his name.
Angel Red has the ability to create golden energy spheres and force-fields(which in turn makes the whites and pupils of his eyes go gold and his hair go bleach blonde in colour). He also has the ability to heal people with this power although, these abilities DO come with their down sides. Whenever Angello does any of this [APART FROM THE HEALING], directly after he stops, he passes out and goes into a comma-like state for three days. It's not fatal, but he tries not to use his abilities unless he has to because of this.
Angel Red is Daisuke & Kosuke's Guardian Angel because of a little tradition that Daisuke carries out every year of putting an angel on top of the tree on Christmas Day, midnight which summoned Angello. One year, after Angello had been recently cast out of heaven, Daisuke used a hollowed out 'Angel Red Pomegranate'(look it up)to make the tree angel; the tradition summoned Angello and he's been their Guardian Angel ever since.

I won't bore you with the back story here, but if you wanna read it, go here~!

Family and Friends:
-Daisuke Jonetsune (Person he is a Guardian Angel to {also Angello's Best Friend})
-Kosuke Jonetsune (Person he is a Guardian Angel and Friend to)
-Yuki Kwon (Friend)
-Sensei (Partner)
-Sonny (Kouhai Figure)


-Angel Red's real name is Angello Revesos.
-He's half pomegranate, half angel(…you'd…probably have to read the back story to understand how and why… ( ._.) ).
-He can also switch from being an angel, to being a pomegranate with wings.
-He has the number "02" on him located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull.
-His favourite thing to bake is French Macarons.
-Never call Angello ANY of the following [ *Especially]: *Adorable, *Cute, Pretty, Adorbs, *Cutesy, *Dainty or Precious although, with "precious" he would just flick your face…(…you can call him cuddly though; he doesn't mind that term too much). If you're caught by him calling him any one of these, YOU WILL REGRET IT OR BE DEAD BY THE TIME HE'S DONE WITH YOU..!!
-Angello often plays with his 'hair curl' when he's bored (this is a tell-tale sign to look for if you want to know if he is).
-His "Sky Scarf" sometimes shows clouds passing by in it, as if it were a real sky.
-Him and Daisuke are Best Friends and Daisuke has been Angello's friend longer than anyone else has been so… it's fair to say that there are some things that even Sensei might not know about Angello that Daisuke has known for ages. The same goes for Angello knowing stuff about Daisuke that Yuki doesn't know much about.

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