Ami Koharune
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Image by 雪透ゆき (Yukiyuki Yuki)

Western Name: Ami Koharune
Eastern Name: 小春音アミ
Kana Pronunciation: こはるねアミ

Gender: Female
Age: I'm not a child!

Release Date: July 14, 2011

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Technical Details

Voiced by: あみたろ (Amitaro)
Managed by: あみたろ (Amitaro)

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Voicebank Distribution

🌸 ChunkyPotage VCV 1.31 - ごろごろポタージュ New! 2021 10th Anniversary Release
    6 Pitch Japanese VCV voicebank. (F3/A3/D4/F4/A4/B4)
    Mellow and soft, many extra aliases.

🌸 Salad17 VCV 1.10 - 17色サラダ (1.17GB!)
    17 Pitch Japanese VCV voicebank. (F3/G3/A3/B3/C4/D4/E4/F4/G4/A4/B4/C5/D5/E5/F5/G5/A5)

🌸 Salad17mini CV 1.00 - 17色サラダ・ミニ 165MB
    17 Pitch Japanese CV voicebank. (F3/G3/A3/B3/C4/D4/E4/F4/G4/A4/B4/C5/D5/E5/F5/G5/A5)

🌸 Falsetto vinegar VCV for Salad17 voicebank 1.01 - さらさらビネガー
    1 Pitch Japanese CV voicebank. (B4)

🌸 Buffet Lunch CVVC voicebank for presamp 1.00 - CVVCバイキング・ランチビュッフェ
    "Buffet Lunch" is a 11 expressions CVVC voicebank.
    And it has 39 sets in total!
    Normal, Accent, Bright, Bright, Emotional, Gentle, Power, Strong, Tense, Weak, Whisper, Young.

🌸 ClearCider VCV+CV 3.00 - 透明サイダー
    3 Pitch Japanese VCV and CV voicebank. (B3/E4/B4)

🌸 Shyly Muffin - はにかみマフィン
    1 Pitch Japanese VCV voicebank. (D#4)

🌸 SweetCandy VCV 0.90 - あまえたキャンディ
    1 Pitch Japanese VCV voicebank. (F4)
    Bright whisper.

🌸 Child CV 3.00 - ノーマル単独音3.00
    4 Pitch Japanese CV voicebank. (C4/E4/G4/B4)

🌸 Child CV 2.20 - ノーマル単独音2.20
    4 Pitch Japanese CV voicebank. (C4/E4/G4/B4)
    The E4, G4, and B4 pitches are the same as the 3.00 voicebank, but the C4 pitch is softer sounding.

🌸 Child VCV 1.10 - ノーマル連続音
    1 Pitch Japanese VCV voicebank. (E4)

🌸 English CV for Japanese users 1.00 - かんたん英語音源
    1 Pitch English-like CV voicebank.
    This VB is not recommended for English users.

🌸 Breaths 1.00 - ブレス音源
    76 breath sounds.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Not Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Unknown
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



🌸 Story

A petite girl who works at a small cafe on the outskirts of town.
She is a waitress at the Cafe Koharubiyori.
Her dream is to become the first pastry chef in her town.
Her personality is usually calm and relaxed, but when she ties her hair up and puts on her waitress uniform, she's full of energy!
She loves to wear loose and fluffy mori girl style clothes, but the problem is that she's too small to wear long skirts.

🌸 Character Profile

Height: 147 cm
Hobbies: dressmaking, walks, naps, researching new recipes, wearing new clothes
Likes: trying new dishes, stuffed animals, eating all different types of dishes
Dislikes: overly sweet food, insects, thunderbolts, difficult kanjis

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