Aline Enbukyoku
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Image by Aline (Lines) Peachbite (Colors)

Western Name: Aline Enbukyoku
Eastern Name: 円舞曲アリーネ
Kana Pronunciation: えんぶきょくありいね

Gender: "Who cares?"
Age: "No really, who cares?"

Release Date: December 11, 2009

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Technical Details

Voiced by: amateurCatalyst
Managed by: amateurCatalyst

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Voicebank Distribution

Aline was initially designed to be a trilingual UTAUloid, speaking Japanese, English and Brazilian Portuguese, but English and Portuguese voicebanks couldn't be completed, thus, making her a Japanese-only VB. Her voice is regarded as unique, mainly because of its boyish tone and her strong Brazilian-Portuguese accent.

Download Links

V2 -
V2.11 -

Recommended Flags

Recommended for V1
It is highly recommendable to use fresamp the settings H0F-15BRE0MOD0 (as well as tweak some flags in some individual phonemes) when using her v1. m4 is also recommended, if you are a beta-tester, but the BRE0, MOD0 and individual flag settings still apply.

Recommended for V2
Best results with Aline v2 are obtained by using TIPS, resampler.exe, m4, tn_fnds, EFB-GT/EFB-PB/WARP and moresampler (all of them while using BRE0 and MOD0). m4 isn't publicly available.

- Hiragana and Romaji Support
- Extra Phonems: English R (rw), L and V
- Ending Breaths (except for N)
- Breaths In and Out (not present in TOUGH; sorry!)

Terms of Use

1. The author gives full permission to use Aline Enbukyoku's images, character design, personality and voice in any kind of works as desired by the one depicting it, as long as it follows UTAU rules of usage and proper credit is given
1.1. No positive depictions of fascism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance or any sort of harassment, offense or abuse to oppressed or marginalized individuals or groups are allowed. Music is meant to unite the world, not separate it.

2. The author also gives permission to disregard or modify character design, characteristics (such as gender, age, height, etc), personality and history as you seem fit (as they do so all the time); but the voicebank in itself must be acknowledged, if said changes are too drastic.

3. R-18 and R-18G songs, stories and pictures are allowed, as long as they comply with the rules above and are properly tagged/classified. If they are tastefully done or not, it doesn't hold importance; you are free in that sense. See point 8 for working with duets and groups in this respect.

4. Please do not claim Aline Enbukyoku as your creation. She is property of Aline Martins and sampled with her own personal and inalienable voice. Failing to comply to this rule might upset the author and make her remove both her works and Aline's voicebank from the internet. New designs, history and personality that are given to her by others may be claimed as theirs and are free of restrictions on property.

5. You may call the character anything you want. But any name besides Aline Enbukyoku, Enbukyoku Aline and 円舞曲アリーネ must have a warning about the actual voicebank's name, which is recognized by either of these three; it's also not allowed to claim her as other voice synth characters, nor as your own character, as already stated in the previous rule. Though, it is allowed for her to voice another non-voice-synth character, as long as acknowledgement on the original voicebank is given.

6. Commercial use, at least while the author is alive, is on a case-by-case permission basis; the only exceptions are for charity/donation, equipment maintenance or "donationware" payments; profit-based songs must have written permission from the voicer. This is done to avoid copyrighting a voicebank that's not yours. Although, if the user makes a song for profitting and wants to share the gains with Ameya/Ayame (in case it's rendered within UTAU), it is freely allowed. In case of commercial use of her image, the same rules apply; you may consult the voicebank author for profit use, though. Any works that share profits with Ameya/Ayame can be considered as a donation and are allowed. It may also be recommended (but not required) to register your work with a Creative Commons license, to allow remixes and covers by other users.
6.1. In case of a post-mortem situation, the voicebank is given free permission to be commercially used, as the voicer won't be alive to give permission anymore. (Let's hope this doesn't end in an assassination attempt, though, shall we?)

7. Aline can be freely converted into other free voice synth engines (such as DeepVocal) and DAWs (such as GarageBand), but only if the final voicebank/plugin is free to redistribute and free of charge. Charging for it is claiming her voicebank as your own, which is completely forbidden.
7.1. In fact, Aline can be edited and redistributed as much as you want, as long as the original voicebank and author are clearly acknowledged and it's still kept as a free voicebank.

8. She can be paired/grouped with whichever voice synth you'd like to, as long as it respects the other voicebank's respective rules.

9. The voicebank's creator WILL NOT be responsible for anything illegal or forbidden that's done with the downloadable data or character design. If you do anything of the sorts, YOU are the one to take responsibility for what you have done. (Enbukyoku Aline's creator note: don't involve me in your legal issues, it's YOUR problem you messed up! Good luck with those lawyers.)

10. This voicebank complies with the Creative Commons Share Alike (CC BY-SA) license. Any modifications to the voicebank or its derivative works are to be shared in the same way the original works are.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? See Additional Terms of Use
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? See Additional Terms of Use
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? See Additional Terms of Use
[*See Voicebank Details Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.]
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'1" ft (155 cm)

Weight: "Heavy and proud" (around 70kg)

Likes: Anything chocolate, sweets, cute animal videos, most eyewear (except contacts), waltz, bossa nova, science, sci-fi, magical girl shows ("magical boys and magical non-binaries are fine too!"), fun stuff in general, anarchy.
Dislikes: Most sports (except martial arts), cigars/cigarettes, pedophiles, bigots, womanizers, bullies, rude people in general, to be asked about overly personal information, pointless discourse, boredom, her own mental illnesses, imperialism.
Nationality: "Cosmopolitan I guess!" (… actually, Brazilian)
Race: Born a multiracial (white/black/native Brazilian) human, became a nanotech-based cyborg (how much human is left now is unknown)
Catchphrase: "… If no one can be bothered enough to care, why should I?"
Hair color: Purple (shade depends on voicebank version).
Headgear: Lilac visor, which is actually a customized pair of glasses for Astigmatism. When not using the visor, she just uses regular glasses (or glasses with either a lilac, blue or teal tint to it when she's feeling fancy).
Eye color: Sorta brick-colored, but darker (a reddish brown).
Earphones: Blue headset with white and purple trims and teal musical notes on the earphones (which can glow or not, depending on how broken Aline is to save on batteries); said earphones might come with microphone plugs, as she probably managed to always break the portable microphones the headsets possessed before. She possesses three sets of earphones in case of breaking, which might occur pretty easily.
Clothing: Lilac shirt with small frills on all extremities (said shirt can be tucked or untucked, depending on her mood), blue vest with teal extremities and frills on the shoulders, white attachable jabot with teal-trimmed purple jewel (which she sometimes may forget to attach and tie the cloth), blue pants with small frills on pockets and leg ends, purple and teal belts with small frills on the sides, lilac arm warmers with teal trims on the elbows and frills on wrists, blue sneakers with teal soles and ties and purple frilled side details, small lilac socks with frills on the extremities. See Reference Picture for details.


After growing bored with the second or third fake backstory she invented (she honestly lost count after so long), Aline decided to come forth: there has never been any car accident or working with a mad scientist; she was the teen prodigy mad scientist who screwed up her own body in a wacky experiment and cyborgified herself through nano-regeneration for the kicks, but she wanted to have some fun while pretending to be dumb. After everyone left her behind, much like she was simply a mere object that lost its usefulness to them, she saw inventing fake backstories wasn't really all that fun anymore and decided to just stop bothering at all. Now she's just a chaotic cyborg prodigy who can somewhat shapeshift…

Personality Traits

Now that the cat is out of the bag, one could say Enbukyoku Aline is simply someone who gets easily bored and just wants to have fun and chill. Though, being a child prodigy with strange luck and dealing with so much prejudice, bullying and just general weirdness and rejection messed up her head a bit (… a lot actually), which makes her idea of "having fun" a bit peculiar if compared to how people usually do so. Don't mind if you see her yeeting her own deattached head around, since no one's there to try to stop her. She just doesn't care anymore. It's not like the thing she became can die anyway…


- When asked about her age, Aline always throws curveballs, such as "3 and a half years", "I've been 17 for over 10 years" or even "I'm a 400 years old vampire cyborg zombie ninja from a time distortion in Rio de Janeiro, gimme a break". No one knows what her real age even is, or even if she's being facetious in her last item.
- She's left handed.
- She claims to have a number of scars as an excuse to dress modestly, but who knows how much of her body still can be considered human to begin with.
- Due to her constant boredom and strange luck, Aline is very accident-prone. She has the tendency to suffer injuries and, sometimes, literally come undone for the weirdest reasons.
- She literally can't die. She has tried many, many times before. Maybe it's a side effect of the nano-restoration? She just kinda shrugs it off and uses it to help people and have fun.
- Despite barely being human anymore, she still somewhat needs to eat. Her nanocells need the energy and her human parts (which ones? does she still have any?) may need the nourishment. Same goes for sleeping, pretty much; not doing so doesn't kill her, but just puts her in a very annoying and cranky autopilot-ish state where she'll scavenge for energy in any way possible, such as putting forks on power outlets and eating anything barely edible she can find.
- Despite the fact she doesn't seem to care about her gender anymore, she doesn't really seem to see herself as transgender, either. She just can't really bother with anything anymore and would rather not deal with it at all.
- Her current "can't be bothered" personality stems from sheer pettiness over being forgotten, left behind or maybe just plain discarded over the years. Now she just wants to do her own thing without a care in the world.

Character Details, traits and backstory is entirely optional, feel free to portray them as you like.

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