Akiyama Momokoe
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//Image by khrfan11.deviantar and http://xxmewmellowxx.deviantart.com///

Western Name: Akyama Momokoe
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: 秋山ももこえ

Gender: Female
Age: 15

Release Date: April 4/9, 2015
Group/Team: me

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Technical Details

Voiced by: http://kanacchi.deviantart.com/
Managed by: me

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is now realesed ;A; <3

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 1,57 cm

Weight: 48kg

Akiyama Momokoe CV
flags: Y0B0g+2, you can alwasy try others

charachter: Akiyama Momokoe
Age: 15
Height: 1,56cm
weight: 48kg
Haircolor: purple
Personality: childish,

contact me Email:moc.evil|79_adliT#moc.evil|79_adliT


creator: Matilda jsson

voiced by: Kanaicci

Character: Sounds-like-balloons
Character oficial art: http://orig11.deviantart.net/3129/f/2015/094/0/c/akiyama_momoke_by_sounds_like_balloons-d8ock1m.png

character design:

Full Name: Akiyama Momokoe

Nick Name(s): momo

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birthday/year: agust 5th

Hair: light pastel purple
Eyes: Blue~
Origin: Japan

Language(s): Japanese

Blood Type: o

Height:1,56 cm

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: smal, short, flat chested

Race/Species: android

Friends: Akeme Nagisa, Hibikino Shouhaya, aurora, Haruto, Aito

Likes: music, boardgames, computergames, to read, cosplay


Dislikes: Mornings, things she dont understands

Fears: Darness, loneliness

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