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Western Name: Ada Llywelyn
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: アダゥリヱリン

Gender: Nonbinary
Age: 24

Release Date: April 24, 2019

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Technical Details

Voiced by: ricecristpy
Managed by: ricecristpy

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Voicebank Distribution

⭐Japanese VCV 2.0⭐

Japanese VCV with 4 pitches all encoded with suffixes: F3 (low whisper), B3 (standard midrange), E4 (tense midrange) and A4 (power/scream tone), properly encoded onto a prefix map. Rather than have multiple banks for different effects, this core bank intends to combine three tones in one bank. The bank also includes a masculine append (suffix M) and an experimental CV Growl pitch.

⭐CV-C Multilanguage⭐

Using Yin/Yang-P's CV-C method of recording and Multilanguage recording list, this serves as Ada's English and Welsh voicebank. The bank has 3 tones: F3 (low whisper), C4 (standard midtone) and G4 (tense high range) encoded onto a prefix map. This bank is capable of English comparable to VCCV, Welsh, and many other languages.


A soft, gentle, almost whisper-like append designed after traditional Welsh tartans and their national flower, the daffodil of Dewi Sant. It's the largest bank so far, at 6 pitches with full VCV vocal fry transitions. Bank is still a WIP as vocal fry is being OTO'd.


WIP power-scale bank. Will be 6 pitches with all added extras from DAFFODIL.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 12 stone

NAME: Ada Llywelyn
AGE: 24 oed
GENDER: Masc Nonbinary
BIRTHDAY: April 24th (4/24)
HEIGHT: 178cm tal
VOICE PROVIDER: ricecristpy / Liv

Pronunciation Guide: Ada's surname in Kana is "ゥリヱリン". Llywelyn is a traditional Welsh name. The double L at the beginning is it's own consonant, and can be said by placing your tongue as if make an L sound, then hissing. So, the hissing L + the い sound, then well-in. LLい-well-in.

Ada is quite lazy and incredibly reliant on technology. They're never without their phone if they're away from their computer, and they've been known to favour browsing space documentaries and playing COD over spending quality time with their girlfriend, Stella.

Relations/Friends -

Stella - Girlfriend

Aron - Brother (?) (currently missing)

ANS - Friend

Kokkeisha Megumi - Friend

Ito Emil - Friend


- Ada is Welsh and is very strongly opinionated and supportive of Welsh Independance, as well as financially supporting YesCymru

- They have a tattoo of the Ddraig Goch on their inner right arm, with the head pointing toward their wrist

- They're terrible at cleaning up and keeping after themselves, their bedroom and gaming setup are littered with trash and unfolded laundry

- Their favourite games are COD, WoW, and Dragon Age/Mass Effect (will play Minecraft with friends but not alone)

- They don't bother to de-accent other languages when they sing, it's difficult for them and a lot of effort for not much pay off

- Their sense of humour is very flat and dry, and is often offset by the loudness of the rest of their personality.

- Ada knows they're not an especially good or well-pitched singer, and assumes the louder they sing, the more people won't notice.

- Their music taste fluctuates between metal and nonsense. Their favourite bands of each genre are Ghost and [Cats on Mars plays in the background]

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