How to "Port" UTAU Ptichbends into Vocaloid

I finally figured out how to copy UTAU tuning into V4 and Piapro without having to redo it all manually, so I've decided to write this tutorial to help others who have been trying to do the same! It's not a very difficult process, unlike what I thought. Just follow the instructions below and it should work!

  1. Open up the UST you want to import into Vocaloid (this should work for any version of the Vocaloid editor).
  2. Ctrl+A to select all notes
  3. Click where it says "trace"
  4. Click where it says "render"
  5. Switch to mode 1 (click where it says mode 2 to switch into mode 1)
  6. Export the UST as an MIDI (do NOT save it as a VSQ - saving it as a VSQ gets rid of the pitchbends!)
  7. (Optional) export the UST as a VSQ* (we do this so we have the phonetics. If you're converting an English UST, or another language that requires a lot of note editing, you can probably skip this step.)
  8. Import your midi into Vocaloid
  9. (Optional) import the VSQ*
  10. Before you do anything else, ctrl+A to select all the notes in the VSQ you imported, then enter into phoneme editing mode (If you're using Piapro Studio, you can just double click the notes after you select them),
  11. Copy the phonemes and open the track containing the MIDI, then enter phoneme editing mode.
  12. Paste in the phonemes
  13. Open the pitchbend parameter and you should see where the pitchbends have already been drawn in!
  14. If you don't see the pitchbends, check that you followed steps 1-8 correctly.

Worth noting that the pitchbends will most likely be a bit wonky upon import and it won't sound good "right out of the box", so editing the pitchbends is strongly recommended over plugging and playing.

If you have any further questions, please contact me on either Utaforum or Vocaverse network and I'll do my best to get back to you!

*As noted by VVN user patuk, VSQ import doesn't work in V5, due to V5's inability to read VSQs.

For pictures, please see the resource on utaforum! I had difficulty attaching them here.

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