How to convert a VCV .UST to CV

Today i'm going to teach you to convert a .UST that's VCV, into one that's CV. Let's get started!

Ok, for this tutorial, you won't need any plugins. All you need is a VCV .UST, and a CV UTAUloid.

Step 1

the first thing you do, is select the entire .UST, by either back-clicking anywhere on the program and pressing "select all" or pressing ctrl+A

step 2

Now you're going to want to remove the prefix. This can be done by going to the tool bar on the top of the program, and going to Tools -> Built in tools -> SurffixBroker.
once you're on the surfix broker menu, check the "remove prefix" box, then press OK

step 3

Ok, now we're just going to make the .UST sound good after being converted. after selecting the entire .UST, back click on any note, and go to "Region Property"

Once you're there, make sure the "Modulation" box is cleared, by clicking on it and pressing the space bar on your keybourd.
Press the CLEAR button on the box labeled "Preutterance & Overlap" then press OK

step 4

The last thing you have to do is reset the envelopes. This can be done by either going to Edit -> Region -> Reset envelopes, or by selecting the entire .UST and hitting the "reset" button near the play button.

I really hope this Tutorial helps, thanks for reading!

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