Breaths: How To Record And Use Them

~Recording & otoing breaths~

Ok, so this video mostly explains how to do both & actually helped me with breaths. I'll also explain how to get them to work in UTAU later as well.
Video by Shira Hime

In summary, just record breaths as if you are singing. You may want to actually record yourself singing & just take out from there (you may need to add space at the end for otoing). You probably want multiple samples like beginning of the phrase fast breath, beginning of the phrase slow breath, middle of the phrase fast breath & middle of the phrase slow breath, but just one slow and one fast, or just a normal one is probably good enough. Practice with what you like.

For otoing, you probably want to do it similar to an end breath in case UTAU decides to try to stretch the breath out. So the left blank/offset will be right before the breath starts, no overlap nor pre-utterance should be needed, consonant should cover most (if not, all) of the breath & finally the cut off would be - (+200) of whatever the consonant is. So if the consonant comes out to 400, the cut off would be -600.
Note: If you are using moresampler for breaths, no configuration is required minus the offset & cut off, which would be right before & after the sound.

Tips: Make sure it's short but not too short. You mainly just don't want the breath to be longer than your average CV length. Also make sure it doesn't have any background sound around the oto'd area. For this, either some noise removal or just silencing the area needed should be fine.

~"tuning" breaths~

So I have figured 3 ways to tune a breath in UTAU. 4 if you count just adding the breaths in when your are in your mixing program. I may alter this later on so if it's been awhile and something's not working for you, return here to see if anything's different.


~ (tip from Hasami) Open up the envelope for the breath & make a similar shape that's in the picture below. You may need to make it softer, a different pitch, or just work with it a bit.



Use moresampler, go to breath note's property, add u in the flag section, press ok. This was made for sounds like breaths because it just takes the recording & doesn't pitch it or anything.


There is a way to do this with the other resamplers as well. Go into the note's property, press the "options" button in the bottom right, & type in "$direct=true" in the box. This will automatically read your recording without rendering it.

I hope this helped!~


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