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Album Title: Yürümek
Release Date: July 07, 2013
Circle/Author(s): mia子
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1.Yürümek/Yuzuki Yukari
2.breathe deep(deep sea mix)/Nizimine Kakoi
3.ループ/Namae no Naiko
4.おまじない/Kasane Teto, Namae no Naiko
5.life/Namae no Naiko
6.なんでもないこと/Yurika Sayu
7.観測者とぼくのとある日/Sousei Nemu, Namae no Naiko
8.そらに歩く樹/Nene Nene
9.シルエット/Yurika Sayu
10.night rain/Defoko, Namae no Naiko
11.その先/Namae no Naiko
12.おやすみ は はじまり/Kaai Yuki, Kuaia (Choir)


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Other Information:

This is mia子's second album. It was produced as a concept album, with the main theme being "to walk".


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