The Light Current
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Album Title: The Light Current
Release Date: January 31, 2008
Circle/Author(s): Project Sonata
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All songs feature Sonata.

1. DystoP - Progress
2. DoNotCrossP - Snow-a-by
3. Eyeris - PONY
4. Seiza - Heartbeat (I Will Rise Again)
5. Kowareta-P - What Matters Most
6. gra - Evening
7. Usagi-P - Magical Girl
8. neycee - Holding Hopes
9. yuzuki - stellar
10. PianoBench - Godless


Where to Get:

Is this album still being sold? Yes
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Other Information:

This album was released in 2016. Artwork by Bisukei.

"The Light Current is the first charity album featuring the UTAU Sonata. All proceeds will be donated to the DBSAlliance.

Sonata is a vocal synth made with the program UTAU. Her voice was created in collaboration with YouTube singer ShokoraOto, who helped us all push this project forward. Sonata's purpose is to inspire and help you create. You can download her publicly on her website and use her as you wish!

The Light Current will hopefully not be the last album featuring Sonata. We hope to collaborate with overseas producers again in the near future if this proves to be a success."

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