Singing in The Snow feat. Sekka Yufu
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Album Title: Singing In The Snow feat. 雪歌ユフ
Release Date: May 12, 2013
Circle/Author(s): U-Rythmix Records
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1. hp -Band Edition- / nakano4
2. nowhere / neL(毎夜P)
3. 枯れない花束を / きの(嘆きのP)
4. アンドロメダ -singing mix- / りゅーしか
5. タメイキカウンタ / 潮見ひろ(ピカP)
6. hidamari / mus.hiba
7. コーンポタージュ / 風原
8. ゆれりるら / mia子
9. Santa Claus is waiting, tonight / neL(毎夜P)
10. 銀の都 / ステル
11. We can't wait for Sunday / kenie
12. いないいない、 / neL(毎夜P)
13. BEYOND / niki
14. In the ice cube / tom_atom
15. 恋色スノウ / 遥風啓司


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Other Information:

This is the followup album to Dancing in the Snow. This album features yet another collection of Sekka Yufu originals songs, from a variety of producers. Depending on which online store you buy it from changes which additional gifts you get i.e. animate produces an A4 clear file. A full list of prizes available is present on the album site.

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