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Album Title: ピコピコンピ!
Release Date: June 12, 2011
Circle/Author(s): むちゃぶりずむ
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01.曖昧あいの (ナカノは4番 feat Momone Momo)
02.CUSTARD UP DOWN (6410 feat Sekka Yufu)
03.BAREFOOT DANCER (むちゃP feat Mucha Charm, Nene Nene and Sekka Yufu)
04.きょうのゆめ (てぃーたいむP feat Pam)
05.ヤハリヒット (すんzりヴぇrP feat Supune Niku)
06.ドア (Tetu feat Kasane Teto)
07.スマイルチューンズ (ぶらんちゅーる(りつう & 風筒P) feat Haruka Nana and Sakurane Miri)
08.モノクロドライブ (ぴぽぱP feat Shirasagi Merlot)
09.アドバーシティ (へっどふぉん feat Otose Jimene)
10.せなかヲミタコトナイケレド (耳ロボP feat Defoko and Momone Momo)
11.a.b. (ふぅちゃん feat Yokune Ruko and Sekka Yufu)


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picopicompi! includes the song 曖昧あいの by nakano4, which is only available through the purchase of the album itself. The cover illustration was done by eruri - http://pixiv.cc/eruri/, the design and typesetting was done by 市井 - http://noid.boo.jp/n/, and the mastering was done by kaichi - http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/8533162.

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