Part of a Complete Breakfast!
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Album Title: Part of a Complete Breakfast!
Release Date: May 9, 2014
Circle/Author(s): A Sekushi Beikon Compilation
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  1. Asparagusunited feat. Sekushi Beikon - Go! Go! Sexy Bacon (03:25)
  2. CircusP feat. Sekushi Beikon with Hatsune Miku - Oishii Beikon no Monogatari (03:45)
  3. MystSaphyr feat. Sekushi Beikon - Bacon Point (04:45)
  4. Plus/Minus feat. Sekushi Beikon - Devour (03:33)
  5. Yami no Tasogare-P feat. Sekushi Beikon - Sourire of kanashimi (06:47)
  6. Mae Blythe feat. Sekushi Beikon - I am Bacon (04:06)
  7. SilverChordMusic with EmpathP feat. Sekushi Beikon - Beikon's Best Friend (04:55)


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Other Information:

The first compilation from Empathy records. This compilation features the 7 original songs utilizing the UTAU voicebank "Sekushi Beikon".

Original Music by Asparagusunited, CircusP, CrusherP/MystSaphyr, Plus/Minus, Yami no Tasogare-P, Mae Blythe, and SilverChordMusic
Original Lyrics by Asparagusunited, CircusP, MystSaphyr, Plus/Minus, Yami no Tasogare-P, Mae Blythe, and EmpathP
Album Artwork by EmpathP
Mastering by EmpathP
Organized and Produced by EmpathP
Special Thanks to JeiMuffin

This album's a physical edition is only be available at conventions as a free sample.

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