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Album Title: inou!
Release Date: March 27, 2011
Circle/Author(s): 6410
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01. u nou?
●vocals: Sekka Yufu

02. ガクブチガール
●vocals: Sekka Yufu

03. サイレントバラエティ
●vocals: Castelloid (Teira, Tiramisu, Matthew)

04. placebo
●vocals: Sekka Yufu
●chorus: Yurika Sayu (Left), Anchi Mon (Right)

05. お得意様にはなれない
●vocals: Kasane Teto

●vocals: Yurika Sayu, Kaiga Shin

07. Lemon Baby
●vocals: Kasane Teto, Sekka Yufu

08. シークレット・バイバイ
●vocals: Castelloid (Matthew)
●chorus: Castelloid (Teira)

09. ソースィーガール
●vocals: Kasane Teto

10. 紐帯少女
●vocals: Sekka Yufu
●chorus: Fuuga Koto, Shouka Tori

11. 花菱クラーレ
●vocals: Sekka Yufu

10. i nou!
●vocals: Ouka Miko, Mucha Charm, Haruka Nana, Namine Ritsu, Momone Momo


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Other Information:

This is the first album of the UTAU Producer 6410 (CastellaP). It was on sale at Vocaloid Master 16 (UTAU Master 3), and Vocaloid Paradise 5. Some of the songs included on the album are re-recordings or remasters of 6410's previous works. The album art is done by the artist 10 -


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