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Album Title: Humalife
Release Date: June 14, 2015
Circle/Author(s): yngw
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スプリングウォーク (Spring Walk) (3:08)
yngw feat. Tei Sukone
2 のっぺるゲンガー (Ginga all-in-a-kind) (3:26)
yngw feat. Watakushi
3 死にたガール (Dead Girl) (2:21)
yngw feat. Chii Anone
4 ないものねだり (Nobodybody) (3:31)
yngw feat. Ism Anone
5 放浪少年は浮遊少女と出会う (A wandering boy encounters a floating girl) (3:18)
yngw feat. Akana
6 類 (Kind) (3:29)
yngw feat. Shino Utsuda
7 戯れ社の神遊び (God play of the fun star) (3:10)
yngw feat. Akesato
8 シオンの回答 (The answer of Zion) (3:58)
yngw feat. Ruko Yokune ♀
9 ロングリトルライフ (Long Little Life) (4:09)
yngw feat. Kou Umine


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