Hello, hello
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Album Title: Hello, hello
Release Date: October 26, 2014
Circle/Author(s): MightyCorgi
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1.Hello, hello (重音テト, 健音テイ, 櫻歌ミコ)
2.Restriction (重音テト)
3.climber!! (重音テト, 健音テイ, 櫻歌ミコ)
4.Honey Roast (健音テイ, 重音テト)
5.I'm premium!! (重音テト, 健音テイ)
6.ソフトグライダー (重音テト, 健音テイ)
7.Refain (重音テト)
8.孤独なライセンス (重音テト, 健音テイ)
9.サニーサイドアップ (重音テト)
10.Mind Filter (重音テト)
11.to the next (櫻歌ミコ, 健音テイ)


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